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Fall Wedding at The Inn at Fernbrook Farms


February 16, 2022

Two lovers coming together for a second time to celebrate their marriage in front of their friends and family. With all of the craziness that was the past 2 years, Jonathan and Michele were determined to have a wedding day where all of their love ones were present. Jonathan and Michele are two fun and carefree spirits ready to take this next step during their Fall Wedding at The Inn at Fernbrook Farms.

Getting Ready

We started off the day with both Michele and Jonathan getting ready. Now while I was with the girls getting ready, I had my second photographer head over to where Jonathan was. As much as I would love to be in two places at once, that unfortunately is not possible. The reason that many photographers opt in for having second photographers (and why I love to recommend my couples have one) is for one reason. The reason being so you don’t miss ANY moments on your big day. When having just one photographer, it is bound to happen that moments you may want captured are to be missed. Physically your wedding photographer can’t be in both places, so having both on your wedding day ensures that every moment is savored.

Of course the bride and bridesmaids looked absolutely amazing while the groom and groomsmen looked as dapper as ever. It’s also during this getting ready process that your photographer may be taking detail photos. Photos of your rings, vows, jewelry, shoes, dress, etc are usually taken during this time. That’s why we always recommend to have your details ready for us as soon as we arrive so we are ready to go!

The First Look

As soon as Jonathan and Michele were ready, it was officially time for the first look. First looks are the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to have some alone time before the ceremony. It’s the perfect chance if you’re having those wedding day jitters to have some privacy before heading into the craziness that can be your wedding! Just as you can imagine, Michele looked as STUNNING as ever. Her dress fit her like a glove and truly flowed so elegantly. Jonathan was just as surprised to see her and let me tell you… the reactions never get old.

Fall Wedding at The Inn at Fernbrook Farms

After their first look and portraits, it was time to make our way to the ceremony. Michele and Jonathan decided to get married at The Inn at Fernbrook Farms. Located on 230 acres of preserved farmland, this gorgeous bed & breakfast made for the perfect wedding venue. With beautiful greenery, trees that towered into the sky and the fresh crisp autumn air – it turned out to be incredibly magical.

The theme for this wedding was “rustic but elegant”. Since it was around the time of Halloween, Jonathan and Michele really wanted those dark, moody, romantic vibes. By incorporating deep reads, mauves, black and gold into their color palette for their wedding, it’s safe to say that this look was achieved perfectly. However, on their special day there was a special announcement. A plot twist, if I may say. Jonathan and Michele were already actually married! Like I said before, the craziness of the pandemic led to Jonathan and Michele choosing to elope. However their parents and siblings were the only ones to know, so this wedding was partly a reveal party as well! Which btw, it PERFECTLY fine and normal. You can choose to do whatever you want on your wedding day and don’t forget it!

The ceremony was just as beautiful as you could imagine. Jaws were dropped, tears were shed and smiles were from ear to ear as we witnessed the beautiful celebration of Jonathan and Michele. I try not to tear up in these moments but seriously, how could I not?? Okay, enough of my sappiness.

The Reception

Once the ceremony was done, the fun truly began. Receptions are really the time where everyone begins to wind down, let loose and just have fun! Jonathan and Michele had their first dance and of course enjoyed a good ol’ fashioned cake cutting. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of their cake? Take notes people because that is what I call a statement! We ended the night with of course… a dance party. Not to toot my own horn or anything but you best believe I may or may not be on the dance floor with you at this point. I mean it’s honestly a given – sorry, not sorry!

As I pack up my camera bag and I leave this beautiful wedding I can’t help but be grateful. Grateful for all of the amazing moments that I was able to capture and grateful to be there for Jonathan and Michele on such a special day. Cheers – J&M and congratulations!

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Photography: Jess Palatucci Photography

Florist: Janet’s Weddings & Parties

Video: Sirius Cinema



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