How to Prep For Your Engagement Session


July 20, 2022

Are you in the middle of prepping for your engagement session? Maybe the idea of booking an engagement session and going through all the prep is just too much for you? Don’t worry, I got you! While I don’t suggest winging it when it comes to your engagement photos, there are a few tips on how to prep for your engagement session that I suggest you follow!

Choosing A Date, Location & Time

First things first, you want to be able to know where you’re going to be taking your engagement photos. The location for your engagement session can easily be one of the hardest choices you’re going to have to make.


This decision can also help determine what time you should take your engagement photos. The time can dramatically impact what type of lighting you’re going to get. If you’re planning on shooting somewhere busier, like a restaurant or beach, you may want to have your engagement session scheduled earlier in the day (aka right when everything opens). If mornings aren’t your jam, then maybe think about having your engagement session when locations are about to close!

Tip: If you’re wanting that golden hour, warm sun-kissed type photos, then you are probably looking to shoot mid-day. Typically between the hours of 6:30 – 7:30 (give or take the time of year).


When deciding on a location, I always suggest thinking about locations that mean the most to you and your partner. This could be your favorite place to eat or where you go to have fun. If you’re stuck on the where the best thing is to always communicate with your photographer. Your photographer should have some locations in mind already, where they have previously photographed at before. This can help make your life a whole lot easier, trust me!


Lastly, when do you pick a date to book your engagement session? Typically we recommend booking your engagement session 3-6 months before your wedding day to avoid any stress. However, if you’re planning on using your engagement photos for your save-the-dates and wedding invitations, we suggest doing it as soon as possible to avoid any delays!

Picking Out What To Wear

Finding what to wear for your engagement session can easily be one of the most difficult things you’re going to have to do. I mean you obviously want to look good and feel good for these important photos, right? Yes! Luckily, I’ve already put together a whole separate blog post talking about what to wear to your engagement session so you’re looking slayed. To go read that, click here!

Schedule Hair & Makeup Appointments

I am a firm believer in going all out for your engagement session. This is such a special moment and so why wouldn’t you do a little bit of self-care and schedule some professional hair & makeup appointments? The most important thing you want to remember is that you not only want to look your best but feel your best as well. While you’re splurging on documenting these special moments, don’t hold back on making sure you are feeling glammed and ready to go!

Make Sure You Clean Your Ring

You can bet that your wedding photographer will ask you to showcase that beautiful engagement ring of yours. The last thing you would want is for there to be specks of dirt coating showing up when you receive your final images. While your wedding photographer may be able to do some photoshopping, we have to remember that we are not miracle works. That’s why we always suggest making sure that you have your wedding ring professionally cleaned prior to your engagement session. That way you can have it glistening and gleaming during your session and after.

Get Your Nails Done

Now I’m not saying you need to go get your hands professionally manicured, although those do look nice in photos. What I am saying is to make sure that your nails are well groomed and painted before your engagement session. You’d be surprised the difference that having your nails done will have when it comes to being confident in posing during your session. Your photographer is able to get some beautiful up-close shots of your ring, and you also have the opportunity to test out a nail color for your wedding day!

Pack The Essentials

Depending on where you end up taking your engagement photos, it’s important that you pack up what we call the essentials. The essentials basically cover your basic needs just in case something were to go wrong or you need any last minute touch ups. Some items to pack can include:

  • Flats or flip-flops (depending on if you’re walking long distances between locations)
  • Makeup (for touch-ups, especially if it’s during the warmer months)
  • Water (we have to continue to stay hydrated all year round)
  • Money (make sure you’re covering your bases in case of parking or permit fees)
  • Coat/Jacket (if it’s a bit cooler outside)
  • Umbrella (just in case it rains)
  • Extra pair of clothes (just in case an outfit rips/stains)

I always like to say “better safe than sorry”, and that can apply to your engagement photos as well!

Bring Props

If you’re someone who is always wondering about “where your hands may be” during your session, then props will be your new BFF. Props give you something to hold onto and have some kind of magic that makes you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t ask me how it works, because I’m still trying to figure it out too – lol. Some props you could bring are:

  • Flowers
  • Your pet (just make sure you have someone along to watch them while taking solo photos)
  • Sunglasses
  • Your favorite drink (champagne or fave drink of choice)

Make A Day Out Of It

Who says that the fun has to stop at your engagement session? Not me! I am a big proponent on making a day out of your photoshoot and living it up! If you’re already getting dressed up and your hair & makeup is already done, head out to dinner and a movie afterward! Use the day of your engagement session as a day of celebration.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you’re getting freakin’ married. This is such a joyous occasion so soak up this time while you can! Your engagement can seemingly fly by and feel like in just a blink, it’s all over. Investing in your engagement photos is just that, an investment. An investment in you, your partner, and telling your love story to remember forever. Hopefully, these tips on how to prep for your engagement session gave you some peace of mind when it comes to getting your dream photos.

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