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Spring Wedding at Phoenixville Foundry


August 3, 2022

If you’re looking for those romantic and modern vibes, then you’ve come to the right place. Stephanie and Mike’s wedding day was drop-dead gorgeous on a multitude of levels. There was so much attention to detail in the florals, the invitations, the decoration, and how beautifully everything was curated. It was an absolute dream and really just lit that fire in my soul. There are some weddings out there that truly make me feel inspired, and this is definitely one of them. Keep scrolling to read more about Stephanie and Mike’s Spring wedding at Phoenixville Foundry.

Pennsylvania Wedding Venue // Phoenixville Foundry

Built in 1882, the Phoenixville Foundry is one of Pennsylvania’s pristine event spaces. What used to be the home of an iron and steel company has now turned into an elegant 18,000-square-foot space with modern amenities and rich history. The Phoenixville Foundry is one of my favorite Pennsylvania wedding venues for a wide variety of reasons. They have beautiful landscaping throughout the property, superb service and overall just make your wedding day a memorable one. Some standout amenities that the Phoenixville Foundry has to offer are things like: a sculpture garden, a ballroom, a champagne wall, lush and versatile indoor and outdoor spaces, a team of wedding planners, and more!

Spring Wedding at Phoenixville Foundry

As soon as I arrive, I typically start taking detail photos. Let me just say that these details were on another level! Everything from the color palette to the floral trimmings and ring boxes coordinated so perfectly. Yes, this is the kind of things photographers get excited over – lol. For more info on detail photos and why they are so important on your wedding day, check out this blog here!

Stephanie and her bridesmaids were drinking champagne and really soaking up this pre-wedding prep. The morning of your wedding day can be some of the most influential moments throughout your entire wedding day. Who you surround yourself with can play a major role in how you feel for the remainder of the day, so it’s important who you choose to be around during this time. I deep dive into this in my wedding day getting ready prep tips blog. To keep it short, enjoy this time and remember to not stress out too much. The morning of your wedding is supposed to be fun and exciting!

Church Wedding Ceremony

After both Stephanie and Mike finished getting ready, it was time for us to head to the ceremony! Now keep in mind, at this point Stephanie and Mike haven’t seen each other. They both chose to not do a first look, so the anticipation is really building at this point. We arrived at Saint Anthony’s of Pauda for the ceremony and it was about to go down. Oh and by down, I mean totally balling your eyes out and being incredibly emotional.

Of course, the moment that everyone saw Stephanie walk down the aisle with her dad, it was game over. Tears were being shed and emotions were running high, it definitely is an impactful moment that’s for sure. Always bring tissues okay? Typically when we have church weddings, the lighting is dimmer. However, at Saint Anthony’s it was pretty well lit which led to some incredibly gorgeous photos… if I do say so myself.

Portraits at Valley Forge National Park

After the ceremony and it came down to portraits, Stephanie and Mike made it clear that aside from their wedding venue they wanted one specific location for their photos. That location is Valley Forge National Park, more specifically the National Memorial Arch. These two locations are some of my favorites for wedding portraits, and since we had accounted for this stop in the wedding day timeline we made our way there. The National Memorial Arch was inspired by the Arch of Titus in Rome and was built back in 1917. Since then it is a sought-after location for photo opportunities just because of its grand nature and beautiful markings engraved into the archway.

Reception at Phoenixville Foundry

Shortly after being at the National Memorial Arch, it was about time to head to the venue for cocktail hour and reception. We made our way to Phoenixville Foundry and of course, had to utilize the beautiful landscaping to continue a few portraits. Located outside the building is the Phoenixville Iron Bridge which again, makes for some amazing photo ops. The sun was peaking in just right at this time and it was having my heart screaminggggg.

It wasn’t long until we found ourselves going inside for Stephanie and Mike to spend some time with their wedding guests. Do you remember how I said the attention to detail was immaculate? Well, I wasn’t lying. The reception decor, the centerpieces, and the food were just top-tier. It’s still some of my favorite wedding decor to this date. Stephanie and Mike enjoyed a beautiful first dance together in front of a lit-up sign with their initials (how stinkin’ cute), before splitting off for their first dances with their parents. The remainder of the night was filled with dancing, dancing, and uhm dancing. I don’t think anybody really took a break, but can you blame them? Stephanie and Mike’s wedding day truly was one to remember, and I feel so grateful to be the one to have captured it. Cheers to the two lovers!!

To check out more of what the Phoenixville Foundry has to offer for your wedding day, click here!

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Photography: Jess Palatucci Photography

Planner: Seeds of Celebration

Hair & Makeup: C.E Facial Artistry

Florist: Kremp Florist

Dress Designer: Bijou Bridal

DJ: Silversound DJ – Todd

Caterer: J Scott Catering

Jewelry: Marks Jewelers



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