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Tips To Survive A Rainy Wedding Day


August 31, 2022

The weather has got to be one of our major enemies on a wedding day. It’s one of those things that we have no control over and we just have to hope for the best. Exciting… right? However, we do have control over how we react to it! Couples’ worst fears are to have their wedding day rained on and have it completely “ruin” the day. WRONG. Do not let the rain ruin one of the best moments in your life. In fact, you can have just as beautiful of a wedding day you just need to know how to handle it. Having experienced quite a few rainy wedding days in my years as a wedding photographer, I’ve been able to come up with some of the ultimate tips to survive a rainy wedding day.

Communicate With Your Venue

One of the first things you should do when you’re expecting rain on your wedding day is to communicate with your wedding venue. Having a backup plan prior to your wedding day is so important and your wedding venue can help you with this. Many wedding venues will offer indoor options if you were planning on having an outdoor wedding. This is a quick and easy fix and allows you to stay dry inside while not taking away from the essence of your wedding day.

Rent A Tent

I already touched on this previously, but always having a backup plan is key! Especially when you’re dealing with something as unpredictable as the weather. If you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding and there is a chance of rain, prepare a tent! Whether it be a clear-top tent or not, you can still have the feeling of having an outdoor wedding while still staying dry. Just please make sure that your tent has siding so that guests don’t get wet in the chance of wind.

Bring Clear Umbrellas

Clear umbrellas are the ultimate prop for a rainy wedding day. If you choose to use a more colorful or patterned umbrella that can obstruct the view or even cast a shadow. Clear umbrellas are the way to go if you’re wanting to protect yourself from the rain while not being distracting

Prepare Your Wedding Attire for the Weather

tips to survive a rainy wedding day | Pennsylvania wedding photographer

Now I’m not saying you need to go all out and wear a raincoat and rain boots (although it has been done). What I am saying is to prepare yourself for the rain that is about to happen. If you know that you are someone who can’t really walk in heels and you want outdoor photos in the rain, maybe bring a backup pair just in case. The last thing we want is an accident happening on your wedding day!

You also want to make sure that you do everything to protect your dress (hey dress wearers, I’m talking to you!). Having a long train/veil follow you on the ground can lead to a very messy situation that none of us want. So making sure that you prepare your dress for the rain is key! Spraying your dress with some sort of protectant will help protect your dress and veil from getting wet and dirty and will save you a ton of heartache.

Plan For It To Rain All Day

Do you know how you hold out that little bit of hope when you see a 40% chance of rain? Well, when it comes to your wedding day there is no room to gamble. I always say to plan for it to rain all day just in case. While that’s not really the answer you want to hear, it’s the answer that you need! Setting up these expectations in the beginning will not only help us prepare, but it can lead you to being pleasantly surprised if it does decide to clear up!

Keep an Eye on Hair & Makeup

Your hair and makeup are two things that could be seriously affected on your wedding day. It’s important that on a rainy wedding day you stay practical. Make sure that your makeup artist is using waterproof mascara and products that are long-lasting. This will withhold the rain (and possible humidity) and will have you looking flawless all day. As for your hair, make sure that it is secure and ready to go through any wind or rain.

Embrace The Rain

Above all else though, I encourage you to embrace the rain. Yeah, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy but it’s with reason! For many couples, a rainy wedding is a no-go. This is the worst thing that could happen to them. However, there is so much beauty on rainy days that many couples forget. Use the rain to your advantage! Have fun, be creative, and do things that maybe you normally wouldn’t be able to do on a sunny day. Just because it’s raining does not mean that your wedding day is ruined. Try and make the most of it and you will see that everything will work out just fine.

Hopefully, these tips to survive a rainy wedding day will help calm your nerves a bit before the big day. Rain does not control your wedding day, it’s how you react to it! Don’t let a little rain ruin one of the most special moments in your entire life!

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