Beachside New Jersey Wedding


November 9, 2022

Your wedding day. A day for celebration and love. A day where loved ones gather to celebrate the two people that mean the world to them… you and your partner. Everyone always dreams about their wedding day as being this big magical event. Hate to break it to ya… it’s so much better than that. Your wedding day is filled with the inside jokes, the laughs between family and friends and the tears that stream down your face as you reminisce on your past. It’s these moments that I, as a photographer, love being able to capture. And you, as the couple, deserve to look back on these memories. For Kelsey and Sean and their beachside New Jersey wedding, it was just that. Magical.

Hotel LBI – Beachside Wedding Venue

Now, this isn’t the first time that I’ve shot a wedding at Hotel LBI. It’s actually one of my favorite locations for couples to get married, because of the insanely beautiful views. You can check out more couples who got married at Hotel LBI here! Hotel LBI is one of those wedding venues that are timeless and really give you a sense of nostalgia. Especially for Kelsey and Sean. Although they both live in Hoboken, Sean and Kelsey frequently visit LBI and love it. It’s also where Sean and Kelsey spend a lot of time with family as well. It seemingly was a no brainer when it came time to pick their wedding venue. Choosing a location that meant a lot to them and their love story was incredibly important and they chose wisely.

Beachside New Jersey Wedding

Getting ready on the morning of your wedding day is ESSENTIAL when it comes to setting you up for success. Preparation is key and making sure you have everything set to go before the wedding day will save you a ton of time and stress. Find out my top wedding day getting ready tips. We spent the morning with Kelsey and Sean getting ready in their own private suites. The beautiful robin blue details that Kelsey and Sean’s details had were too beautiful to pass up, so taking flatlay shots of these were an absolute must. Kelsey slipped into her dress and surprised her bridesmaids with a first look. Their reactions? Pure and utter shock with her beauty of course. Kelsey then met up with Sean in the hotel lobby for an intimate and sweet first look moment as well.

Since Hotel LBI has this quaint charm to it, the entire location is picturesque and perfect for portraits. We made our way around the outside porch area before heading up to the roof for some more solo portraits of Kelsey and Sean. The rest of the wedding party joined us as we geared ourselves up for the big ceremony.


Kelsey and Sean had their wedding ceremony on the rooftop of the Hotel LBI. Depending on the weather of course, I always recommend having your ceremony on the rooftop. Especially if you’re looking for those beautiful ocean views and breeze sweeping through. The forecast had told us that it was going to rain on Kelsey and Sean’s day. However, we were lucky to have it clear up just in time for the ceremony. Luckily we made sure to prep for this rainy forecast with these tips. Surrounded by family and friends, Kelsey walked down the aisle with her hand locked arm and arm with her fathers. It was here where he gave her off to Sean and we watched the most beautiful ceremony.


Hotel LBI did an amazing job decorating the reception space for Kelsey and Sean’s wedding day. With a beautiful skylight beaming down on the guests along with the beautifully painted blue walls. It all tied together so perfectly. The night began with Kelsey and Sean’s first dance before splitting off and doing their first dance with their parents. These moments always have me grabbing for the tissues. After speeches, entrees and a delectable cake cutting, the dance floor was open and it was all fair game. Dance moves were busted on the dance floor, songs were being lip-synced and drinks were in hand. It was the perfect ending for Kelsey and Sean’s wedding day and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Vendors are at the bottom of the blog!


Photography: Jess Palatucci Photography

Venue: Hotel LBI

Dress: Seng Couture

Makeup: G&G Bridal

Florist: Josephs Florist

Band: East Coast Band

Invitations: Melissa Jane Hyatt

Cake: A Sweet Memory Cake Shoppe



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