Groom Prep Tips For Your Wedding Day


January 4, 2023

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Preparation is key when it comes to a stress-free wedding day. Making sure that you have everything prepped in advance and knowing what to do before your wedding day will save you time and even some coin if you’re lucky. Here, we are talking specifically to all of you grooms out there. If you want some pre-wedding getting ready tips geared to all the gals out there, you can read it in this blog here! Below we are going to discuss groom prep tips for your wedding day. All of you future grooms out there, listen up!

Before The Wedding Day

First, we’re going to go over some of the pre-wedding day prep that you will need to make sure you take care of.

Communicate With Your Family

While typically the bride is the one doing a majority of the planning, that doesn’t mean that you are off the hook! You should still be doing your part in the planning process. One of those being to communicate with your family. Make sure that you are communicating with loved ones about timelines, when to arrive and that if there are any changes you are taking the reigns. You should not look to your partner to do all of the heavy lifting, both of you are getting married here!

Make Sure Everything Fits Properly

Prior to the wedding day, you want to make sure that everything is fitting properly. This includes your tux and shoes. You don’t want to get to the week of your wedding and realize that your suit is a bit too snug and you have yet to break in your dress shoes. Instead, plan ahead of time and take into account how well your suit and shoes fit prior to the wedding day.

Practice Your Vows

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but practice your vows before the wedding day. Last thing you want is to be stumbling on your words, forgetting your lines (if you plan to memorize it) or not being able to say anything at all. Practicing your vows will not only make you feel more confident on your wedding day, but will also show your partner that you took the time to practice and get it perfect for the big day.

Indulge In Self-Care

Groom Prep Tips For Your Wedding Day

Your beautiful bride is not the only one who should be splurging on fresh haircuts, facials and manicures. Nope, you should indulge in a little self-care as well prior to the wedding day! You want to make sure that you are looking and feeling your best. Making sure that you are well groomed will help lean you towards the right direction.

Just make sure that if you do decide to indulge in a little self-care that you are not trying any new services too close to the wedding date. You do not want to try a new barber or get a new type of facial, all to find out something got messed up. If you’re planning on splurging on services for yourself before your wedding day, make sure they are tried and true!

Don’t Party Too Hard Before The Wedding Day

I know, I know… it’s your last day being single. This is heavily glorified in the wedding industry which in turns causes couples to go a bit crazy in the days leading up to the wedding. Bachelor/bachelorette parties happen, you go out to celebrate and maybe even a bit of celebratory drinks. However, I highly encourage you to watch what you do leading up to the wedding day and not party too hard. You want to be fully rested and ready for the big day. Last thing you want is for you to feel sick on the day of your wedding all from a little bit too much to drink.

If you do decide to go out and have some fun with your friends, make sure that you are staying in control and know what you signed up for.

Day-Of Prep

Now that we’ve talked about all the pre-wedding prep, here is some of the steps you need to take in order to make sure you’re prepped the morning of your wedding!

Wrinkles Are A No-No

When prepping the morning of your wedding, make sure that you are steaming your button-ups and making sure there are no wrinkles. Wrinkles can be incredibly distracting and especially if you’re planning on getting photographed on your wedding day. Which I highly recommend you do by the way! Rather than every image have highlighted your kinks and wrinkles, invest in a good dry cleaning service or high-quality steamer for a seamless look.

Be On Time

Just because your bride and her bridal party are getting hair and makeup done, doesn’t mean that you and your groomsmen can slack off. Punctuality is incredibly important in any regard, but especially on your wedding day. Based on the wedding timeline that has been provided to you (either by a wedding planner or wedding photographer) use that to help plan out your morning. Showing up late can throw off the entire day, make everyone cranky and can cause mishaps, so I recommend trying your best to be on time.

This also means being able to take into account the distance that it takes to get from point A to Point B. Knowing well in advance how long it will take to get to your getting ready space and from your getting ready space to your venue is incredibly important. Also, make sure that you’re taking into account traffic and accidents. Always add in buffer time because you would rather be early than late!

Communicate With Your Groomsmen

Groom Prep Tips For Your Wedding Day

Can you tell that communication is basically key to everything? The morning of your wedding you want to make sure that you are communicating with your groomsmen. Having them know exactly where they need to be, what they need to bring and when they need to be there. These are all things that they need to know in order to make sure that not only they are staying on track of the time, but you are as well!

Make Sure You Pack Extras

Being over-prepared trumps being under-prepared any day. On the morning of your wedding, make sure that you are packing extras of everything. Extra button-ups, extra undershirts, extra socks, extra ties, the list goes on. Whether it be a button falling off or one of your groomsmen needing an extra undershirt. Whatever have you, you want to make sure that everyone, not just you, is covered.

Groom Prep Tips For Your Wedding Day

For all of you grooms out there, let’s help out your partner and do our part to make sure you are prepped and ready to go for this biggest day of your life!



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